AREAS OF PRACTICE: Criminal Law, DUI, Eviction Law, Drug Attorney, Traffic Law

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If you have been arrested, the court process can be an overwhelming and confusing experience.

When I meet with clients, I provide a road map of what you can expect, given your individual circumstances.

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My former career as a law enforcement officer has given me the first-hand knowledge and experience in the enforcement of laws of the State of Florida, the development of probable cause, articulation of reasonable suspicion, police report writing, collection of evidence, police pursuits, preserving a crime scene, taking witness statements, canvassing, proper police procedure, use of force, and adherence to an individual's constitutional rights during contact, arrest, interview and interrogation.

Criminal Law
Violation of Probation
Bond Hearings
Drug Crime Law
Traffic Law
Eviction Law

Right to Counsel
Right to Remain Silent
Right of Presumed Innocence
Right to a Speedy Trial
Right to a Jury Trial (most cases)
Right to Testify on one's own behalf
Right to cross examine and confront witnesses